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Founded in 1993 and directly subordinate to the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), the China Patent Information Center (CPIC) is a national level public organization for patent information service, dedicated to affairs on O&M and R&D of information systems, patent information processing, and patent information dissemination.

Relying on consistent efforts over nearly two decades, the CPIC now holds a force of staff amounting to 403, with 5 academically qualified for doctorates, 112 for masters, and 168 for bachelors. Endowed by the SIPO with the rights of patent database management and utilization as well as comprehensive service management, and equipped with a nation-wide network for information collection and dissemination, the CPIC provides users at home and abroad with services of quick access and superior quality by application of advanced information technologies.

On July 23rd, 2009, the CPIC was formally approved, by TCIC (TCIC Global Certification Ltd., Canada) and CIS (Certification & Information Security Services GmbH, Austria) both serving as third-party certification authorities for ISO20000, for certification for IT Service Management, marking worldwide acknowledgement of a leading role in this field. And also formally adopted a CMMI ML3 certification on June 26, 2010

With a view to meeting users’ requirements, the CPIC endeavors to be developed towards a strong and modernized information group pillared with O&M of IT systems, software development and system integration, patent information service, and patent information processing.